PR Industry veteran Andy Checo has ended his six-year stint at Havas FORMULATIN and joined Miami-based BODEN .

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Pedro A. Guerrero, CEO of Guerrero Media and Founder of Hispanic Executive and The Alumni Society, discusses storytelling and data’s importance in achieving diversity and inclusion goals within organizations and marketing and advertising.

Latinos are big on tradition, even when it comes to business. For years they have been managing their finances using a document dinosaur, compiling receipts, invoices, and endless printouts into el cuadernito (the notebook).

Gender norms are shattering fast.

The pandemic has changed how viewers consume TV — likely forever — and marketers will need to adapt

AdAge held their Multicultural Marketing Webinar to discuss opportunities and the current state of Multicultural Marketing.  We grade it as a D+, for many reasons.  Beginning with only three (3) out of nineteen (19) panelists were Hispanic Market Executives in the conversation. They missed the mark.

As consumers continue seeking more from brands than just products and services, the premise of brand promise has grown increasingly central to many core business strategies. And as brands look to showcase their individual promises, U.S. sports fans should be a key audience.

The news: The House Judiciary Committee took up legislation Wednesday targeting the monopolistic and anticompetitive practices of US tech giants, per Bloomberg. This first notable bipartisan push is aimed at reigning in Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’s market dominance. Big Tech lobbyists argue that, if passed into law, the bills would curtail innovation and could upend user privacy, as well as hurt small businesses relying on their services

The Winners and Short List for the 2021 Cannes Lions is final.  US Hispanic Agencies garnered 8 Lions.  Ibero America & Latin American garnered 147 Lions.  Winners are?

Today, our research shows a change in attitude, as consumers believe they have the power to force brands to change (63 percent) and want to exert that power on brands to make society better (78 percent). The deeper dependence on brands forged in the pandemic has made trust an essential purchase consideration, nearly equal to quality and value.

Measurement has long been a critical aspect of efficient marketing practices. That said, marketing technology hasn’t always been as rich in its capabilities as it is today. But as martech has improved over the years, engagement with media has grown increasingly more fragmented, elevating the challenges marketers have in proving the returns on their investments (ROI).

"How many people has our ad campaign reached? And how often have they seen our ad?"

Brands need to start walking the D&I talk. According to a Nielsen custom study commissioned by a third party, The ROI of Inclusivity, only about 10% of national TV ad spend across major categories was on diverse networks in 2020. Share of spend on these networks has declined since 2016 across all categories except electronics.  By Roberto Ruiz, EVP - Research, Insights and Analytics

Have you considered using a PR firm to boost your agency’s profile and generate interest from potential clients? When does a creative shop genuinely need to hire a full-time PR staffer or firm? When do they not? Understanding the difference can help your agency capitalize on its opportunities and avoid misspent resources.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

For the customer-obsessed marketer, each dot is like a touchpoint of data — valuable, but only when put together with other points to form the true picture of a consumer. Pointillism combines art and science to create a meaningful work, and so does delivering customer-centric experiences.