The intentional omission of Hispanic Marketing from the Multicultural Conversation

In marketing conversations over the last four decades, Hispanic Marketing has led the so called “Multicultural Conversation”, but in the last two years the practice has been almost eliminated from the conversation.

The current Social and WOKENESS conversation in media and at the Corporate level have exclusively been about Black Marketing, and have been accentuated by occurrences that totally disregard any reality in our country and reduced the Hispanic Consumer and the Hispanic Experiences in America to almost non-existent.


We suspect several reasons for this, but since this is not a politically focused trade journal we will refrain from bringing politics into the conversation.

Now, that should not stop you from coming to your own conclusion on the aggressive, purposeful, designed strategy being implemented by the media, activists, academia and Corporate America to exclude US Hispanic issues and opportunities from the conversation.

Do US Hispanics fit into the current political leadership narrative?

Examples abound.  Emotions dominate the conversation not the facts.

Back to marketing.

Every US Hispanic advertising, marketing, media, public relations and research executive should be worried about our ability to sustain our growth and your careers.

As I have stated before, it is important to have a diversified marketing strategy to ensure that all minority consumer segments are targeted appropriately with the right ad spend, not only to ensure market penetration, but to ensure market growth for Corporate America.

We earn our importance.

The Hispanic Consumer is the number one opportunity for marketers in the USA.  The stats prove this.

It seems that we as an industry have allowed other issues to become part of the conversation, which have basically been allowed to obfuscate the importance of Hispanic Marketing.

That is on us.  ¡PUNTO!

Based on factual conversations with key Industry executives, they are fighting to ensure that the current over-compensations towards Black Marketing does not diminish the importance or ad spends in Hispanic Marketing.  The results are pending.

My hunch, is that we are loosing the battle.

One primary example of our contributions towards obfuscating the conversation is the teeing up of the EMOTIONS part of the the conversation with the incorrect usage of the term LatinX.

We are clouding the factual conversations.

We deliberately allowed the usage of the term LatinX incorrectly as defined and thus gave signals that emotions were more important that the actual statistics that define the importance of the US Hispanic Consumer.

We gave the wrong signals to Corporate America.

Many have defended their usage of the term LatinX, but brush off the incorrect usage of the term to being sensitive that people can be called what ever they want.

Marketing is based on exact terms and definitions, not terms that might signal the wrong intent or meaning.

The PR, HR and DE&I merchants have colluded to inject themselves into the Marketing Conversation and many of you took the bait.  It is not about strategic marketing, it is about strategic feelings.

We no longer lead, we are being led.

We have read the thousand of emails / digital messages sent to us about our articles (see below) regrading this issue, but not speaking out publicly to Corporate America is a disservice to our Industry and to yourselves.

Non Ducor Duco (I am not led, I lead)

Gene Bryan – HispanicAd


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Today we earned +75 (revised to +300) new LinkedIn connections on HispanicAd, because of AdAge



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