Eighty-six percent of those exposed to advertising in healthcare facilities could recall at least one advertisement that they had seen during their visit or shift, according to a recent Health Media Network study by Arbitron Inc.

If ever there's been a media vehicle which was being overlooked, it's digital outdoor.

Alternative out-of home media is staying in tune with fast-paced and elusive American consumers, who are spending more time than ever outside their homes.

2SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of digital out-of-home media, released the complete Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness and Attitude Study, which includes new findings for difficult-to-reach people.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that it completed the sale of its outdoor advertising operations to Lamar Advertising Company on May 16, 2008 for $100 million in cash.

Out of home advertising industry revenue grew 7.0% in 2007, accounting for $7.3 billion in total spending.

The Out-of-Home Video Market has heated up significantly over the last couple of years, and continues to accelerate. Scarcely a week goes by without a slew of announcements regarding new initiatives in the space.

Zoom Media & Marketing announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Alloy’s Insite Advertising business which consists of media frames in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs throughout the United States.

Digital billboards are a new “cool” method to deliver news and advertising, as well as public notices such as AMBER Alerts, according to the Arbitron Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland Case Study conducted by Arbitron Inc..

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that the Company has entered into a definitive agreement with Lamar Advertising Company for the sale of its outdoor advertising operations for a total consideration of $100 million in cash.

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Outdoor advertising has been around as long as advertising itself, but the old medium is showing new life.

Outdoor advertising is experiencing a new lease on life as a result of emerging digital, video and wireless technologies. A key driver of this evolving market is the growth of video content and advertising in out-of-home locations.

Walking through the typical American shopping mall this season is a bit like traversing a medieval bazaar. The salespeople at the small stands in the causeways seem to have gone rabid on us.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that it has decided to explore strategic alternatives for its outdoor advertising operations and has retained Citi and Moelis Advisors, a division of Mercanti Securities, LLC, to act as its financial advisors in this process.

A recent study conducted by M/A/R/C Research found 40% of shoppers rely on directional signs during shopping outings.